About Us



Gold Star Aviation was established in 1991 by Mrs Klairi and Mr Panagiotis Zerzivillis.

Leaders in the area of tourism and transportation have managed to create the association of Aktina ,first  in sales office of the airline tickets for 27 continuously years in Greece. The entrance in the area of the general sales agent of the airlines was succeeded due to the powerful economic position of the association,as well as the creation of innovative services for the airlines at this period.

The computerization and the automation of the distribution of the product were elements that helped the quick development of the Gold Star.This movement helped and is helping until today our airlines(because it remains basic rule of the Gold Star),to have an autonomous and independent presence in the Greek market,with the minimum operating cost and the support of the largest tourist organization and within a huge distribution network that covers the whole territory. This effort was crowned with success,since Gold Star was staffed with experienced and qualified staff,capable to cope the challenges of the time and of the technology. The result of all the above are the strong cooperations of Gold Star until today such as:

  • Gulf Air,national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain (02/01/1992).
  • Jet Airways, the biggest private airline of India (01/05/1993).
  • Vasp-Brazilian Airlines, the first airline that connected with direct flights Greece with Brazil (08/10/1993 – 31/10/1999).
  • Tower Air, the biggest private American airline,with daily flights from Athens to New York (24/03/1998 – 30/3/2001).
  • Tap Portugal, national carrier of Portugal with the largest network of destinations in Brazil and member of Star Alliance (05/08/1999).
  • Ethiopian Airlines, national carrier of Ethiopia,with the largest  network of flights on the African continent and member of Star Alliance (15/11/2001).
  • Hemus Air, private airline of Bulgaria (15/01/2005 – 28/2/2008).
  • Bulgaria Air, national carrier of Bulgaria (01/03/2008 – 28/2/13).
  • Aerosvit Airlines, the biggest private airline of Ukraine (12/04/2010 – 31/12/12).
  • Ukraine International Airlines, national carrier of Ukraine with daily flights (regular and charter) to destinations in Greece beyond Athens and Thessaloniki              (01/04/2013).
  • Meridiana, the biggest private airline in Italy with direct flights from Athens to Naples (1/2/2014)


Basic values of our company is the progress and the innovation. The expertise in connection with the development of the technology contribute to the development and the improvement of our services. With the supply of services of high level,and to the airlines which have trusted us the management and the distribution of their product in Greece,according always to their specifications,and to the collaborators travel agents ,we provide added value to our cooperation. Loyal to our values ,we follow our vision.


Aerosvit Airlines 2010 Award to Gold Star Aviation for, the best General Sales Agent of Aerosvit Airlines.

Bulgaria Air, category: fastest growing Airline/Thin Route, in 2010.

Gulf Air, category: fastest growing Airline/ Middle East, in 2008.

Bulgaria Air, category: fastest growing Airline/Thin Route, in 2008.

Gulf Air 2004 Partnership Recognition Award to Gold Star Aviation for the continuous support, loyalty and excellent service extended to Gulf Air.

Hemus Air, category: fastest growing Airline/Thin Route, in 2004.

Gulf Air 1994 Recognition Award to Gold Star Aviation for Sales and Marketing achievements (Europe-America Regions).