The high level of service provided to each airline which have trusted us the promotion of its product in the Greek market according to its specific requirements, the deep knowledge and experience, are adding value and developing a beneficial cooperation.

Economy ladder

Full cover of sales network on
the greek territory

Reciprocal operating cost

Operation through central airports

Best cooperation
with all the
travel agencies

Advanced forms of communication
and reports

Offices and
in the
city centre

Service office of
the public at
the International Airport of Athens

Extension of the network

Increase in the
share market

A very important advantage of GOLDSTAR in comparison with many competitors is that there is a way of a 24 hour communication, a very important factor for us due to the object of our work.

Kostas Iakoumidis, ARIA TRAVEL

It is very important for us, we are called to serve customers, the fact that whenever we needed you, you were always there for us not only to easy and the difficult.

Alexander Vyzantiadis, CIRCLE TRAVEL SERVICES